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"We can only shine brightest as SNSD when SNSD stand on one stage as nine." - Kwon Yuri
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Jessica will always be SNSD to me.

And I stand for OT9 no matter what happens. 

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She started being my least favorite memeber to becoming one of my favorites and now she got kicked out of my favorite group ever, im so heart broken right not and i cant believe it

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OT8 does not exist. 

Jessica will always be part of SNSD.

Fuck anyone saying other wise. 

I will always stan SNSD and Jessica.

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SNSD only has 8 members from now on”


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In short:

SM statement: “SNSD only has 8 members from now on” [but Jessica will remain under SM Ent.]

source: Naver, TV Daily

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#StayStrongSNSD trends #1 Worldwide on Twitter after Girls’ Generation Jessica departure



#StayStrongSNSD is now the #1 trending topic on Twitter, after SM Entertainment confirmed that Jessica would be departing from Girls’ Generation. 

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theyve taken pictures of the pages and posted them to when people asked. personally i dont mind spoilers so i looked becuase i was curious. the person is linking the spoilers so ppl who dont wanna see certain ones dont have to at least

this is all i need to know, i’m getting out of tumblr, thank you so much! see you in a few days after boo is released!

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When's ur bday mines October 2nd

October 8! 11 days away! your birthday is so close anon!!

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According to thethroneoffire and hermiabeth some people already have boo on their hands and are publishing spoilers in reddit, this is the moment where i get the hell away from tumblr, i will be posting from time to time and queue things, but yeah i won’t be around that much anymore

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Guys, please, respect the fandom and don’t publish boo spoilers until the book is released, and even then use read more and tag everything, don’t be the asshole that ruins the books to other people, please respect, it’s the last book and people are already spoiled, please guys DON’T POST SPOILERS

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someone who got the book somehow is answering questions about what happens on reddit

is that legit!? like there is proof he/she has the book? and what the fuck, where is the respect to all the other fans?
thank you

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Boo was sent to some people early or something? because i keep seeing people talking about seeing spoilers and i need to know so i can stay the hell away from tumblr