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Send me the names of 3 men and I’ll tell you who I want as my 

  • Husband
  • Bestfriend
  • Brother

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Important otp thing:

Who cries at the wedding


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"also i want him to be an idiot who worships annabeth" COULD YOU BE MORE RIGHT?



actual footage of Percy Jackson looking at Annabeth Chase:

No but seriously, how much Percy loves and understands Annabeth melts my heart, the boy is so in love with her it hurts

he adores, respects, and fears her and it means everything to me 

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"also i want him to be an idiot who worships annabeth" COULD YOU BE MORE RIGHT?

actual footage of Percy Jackson looking at Annabeth Chase:

No but seriously, how much Percy loves and understands Annabeth melts my heart, the boy is so in love with her it hurts

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The Little Mermaid 1989

Do you guys know how long it took me to work out that he has seven daughters because there are seven seas?



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this is not a drill

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glasses though

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Serving evil misogynistic ghosts is no ones idea of fun. 

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tell me about the ot8 acents *o*


so arne is german. he has a hella deep voice and it’s been so long since we skyped that i can barely remember now, wow

Mari is Mexican and adorable and she has to say somethings several times before i can understand her sometimes because i am potato

Whitney has the most amazing southern american accent and oh gosh you should have seen my reaction when i first heard it. it’s freaking gorgeous and i want her to talk to me every second of the day. she gets all twangy when she shouts at dan. it’s sweet

shannon, dan, mina and jane all have american accents which are pretty much indistinguishable to me. because i’m an annoying brit who annoys them with my britishness and britishisms which dan has to translate. my bad.

but seriously, i adore all of their accents and they’re all adorable and i love them

remember that time when we skyped and i couldn’t understand you at all so Dan had to repeat everything to me? good times

but guys, Whitney’s accent it’s the most adorable thing in the world <3

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They will never let him live it down and Jason knows it.

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I don’t want to forget…

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i would say Mari but she’s weird about chocolate so W/E

i would meticulously cut it into seven and hand it out to the rest of the ot8

I’m not weird about chocolate! i’m just not that fan of white chocolate! but i want the cookie

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lionsgate: shit, they hate the soundtrack

lionsgate: *strokes chin*

lionsgate: drop the peeta footage

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I'm bored:( can you write something fluffy percabeth for me please:):):)


Leo can’t really stand the whole PDA thing. 

Yeah, maybe a kiss every now and again, but there is a line and it had been crossed - no, flown over like a circus performer out of a canon.

All he wanted to do was have a bro’s night on the couch with Jason, kick his weak butt in Mario Kart, and eat pizza ‘til he puked. But when Annabeth and Percy crashed the party, they were proving to be a distraction. 

"Mm, you’re so pretty. I wuv you so much," Percy said, in his widdle baby talk.

"No, I wuv you more!”

"Uh uh!"

"Yuh huh!"

Leo pulled his concentration from the race and flashed them the side-eye. Jason, sitting beside them, wasn’t paying them any attention as he stuck his tongue out of the edge of his mouth and drove the course. But seriously, how could he just ignore the constant nose-rubbing and cooing like little doves.

They pecked each other on the lips, determined to be the one that had the last kiss. It was sickeningly cute. Nope, just sickening. Leo couldn’t really stand much more. He paused the game (making Jason go “Hey!”).

"Could you guys just, like, not?"


"That whole…" Leo waved his hand in their direction, like he was cleaning a window.

"We’re just making up for lost time!" Annabeth said, batting her eyelashes.

Leo wrinkled his nose. “C’mon, Jason. Let’s go see what Frank’s up to.”

"But - I was… Okay…" Jason sighed, leaving his controller on the couch as he followed Leo out of the room.

There was a beat, then two, just to make sure they were really gone. Then Annabeth scrambled off of Percy’s lap and snatched Jason’s controller into her hands. She bounced on the couch and started a new game with a wicked grin on her face. 

"Dibs on Donkey Kong!" she said.

"Dibs on - dammit!" Percy said, too late.

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