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"Super Junior will now promote as 11"

"DBSK will now promote as 2"

"EXO will now promote as 11"

"f(x) will now promote as 4"

"SNSD will now promote as 8"

"SHINee w-


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#what nico needs is a life changing field trip with zuko

i think this is the best thing that any of my posts have ever been tagged with.

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don't be upset even if she isn't in the band anymore she still was in it and everything will be okay 🐙

i know octopus-san, but there is so much drama going on with the group and i’m so heartbroken and i just want the best for them? She was kicked out, that’s a fact and it’s so sad

but than you

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"From the start, all I ever wanted was to protect SNSD. Nothing else but that. I’m sorry to make you suffer like this. From now on, I’ll work hard to make sure only good things happen."

—Taeyeon (while crying)
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Who do you thing would survive in BOO ?!!!!! Dying to know

i know who won’t: my sanity

Percy & Annabeth are going to live, i know it because RR can’t and won’t kill them, let’s be real

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They cried at the fanmeet

They wore her merch at the airport

They all looked visibly upset yesterday

How do you want me to believe they all just decided to turn on her?

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"We can only shine brightest as SNSD when SNSD stand on one stage as nine." - Kwon Yuri
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Jessica will always be SNSD to me.

And I stand for OT9 no matter what happens. 

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She started being my least favorite memeber to becoming one of my favorites and now she got kicked out of my favorite group ever, im so heart broken right not and i cant believe it

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OT8 does not exist. 

Jessica will always be part of SNSD.

Fuck anyone saying other wise. 

I will always stan SNSD and Jessica.

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SNSD only has 8 members from now on”


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In short:

SM statement: “SNSD only has 8 members from now on” [but Jessica will remain under SM Ent.]

source: Naver, TV Daily

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#StayStrongSNSD trends #1 Worldwide on Twitter after Girls’ Generation Jessica departure



#StayStrongSNSD is now the #1 trending topic on Twitter, after SM Entertainment confirmed that Jessica would be departing from Girls’ Generation. 

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